Monday, June 25, 2012

Summertime Wine in Mississippi

It’s back to being a hundred degrees every other day.  The air conditioner in the truck takes about as long to cool the cab down as it does to drive home.  All I want to do is get there and sit down in a cool, dark place and relax.  Picture this… a cold plate with a few grapes some sliced apple, mild cheese and crackers along side a nice cool glass of wine.  I like the dry wines as well as sweet but there is a time and place for either.  The drier style wines tend to make me thirsty.  I like the German styles better in the heat of the summer and Chardonnay with heavier dinner food.  The wines I’ve found recently are inexpensive and fun.  The Avive Peach sparkler really surprised me.  Fresh peach with a hint of sweet and the effervescent bubble gives it a creamy feel.  This is great for the patio late evening.

Tip of the week: Watch out leaving wine in the trunk of the car or on the seat in the late day.  It will ruin the wine to be in this kind of extreme heat.  If left for more than an hour or so the cork finish bottle may explode and that's is not fun to clean up.

Grilling’ season is coming back and there are some great wines to pair with these items.  Grilled hamburgers are paired well with red blends that have a good bit of Cabernet or Shiraz.  Apothic is very popular these days but, my favorite is Old School Red.  This blend is faily new to the store but, is selling quick.  Fruit forward and not too much tannin are a good match.  The Red blend known as Flirt can be chilled slightly and is good pizza or burger wine.  Ten minutes in the fridge is enough.