Monday, December 16, 2013

Crafts for Christmas

As the days slip by approaching Christmas Day, a quiet evening at home with a glass of wine by the fireside sounds very inviting.  Maybe you have a few (or several) gifts left to find.   How about some quick crafts to make a one of a kind gift that your loved one will remember?

A unique bottle stopper would go well with a hostess gift of wine.   Rachel says to use a drill to attach a pretty knob or drawer pull to the cork.

Here is a different take on a cork wreath - a departure from the one I made and displayed in my crafts post last summer. Get your hot glue gun and collection of corks!

Or if you have a grapevine wreath that you made, as my mom has, this would be perfect.  Of course, you can find them in craft stores.
These are so festive!  I would add here:  wear safety goggles and work gloves when drilling on the glass. 
There are other bottle ideas that likely be less hazardous on that same blog.  This one uses Epsom salts and white paint.


If you have made similar crafts, we would love for you to post pictures of them on the Facebook Page.
Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season!